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Anil Baluni contributes Rs 1 Cr from MP fund to relief fund



DEHRADUN, 31 Mar: The Rajya Sabha MP from Uttarakhand and National Media Head of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Anil Baluni, has released a sum of Rs 1 crore from his MPLAD fund as well as contributed a month’s salary to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. He said that this amount would be used for the fight against the Corona pandemic in Uttarakhand.
Baluni added that the whole country was fighting against the virus. People were cooperating in the fight by social distancing and staying in their homes, which was the only way to prevent this disease. The appeal made by the Prime Minister to the country had been received by the people in a very positive manner and therefore had a very widely seen impact. With this solidarity, the people as well as the government would be able to salvage the country from the pandemic and the resultant disaster. He appealed to everyone to stay at home during the lockdown and think positively. He added that the people ought to take all due precautions to avoid Corona including maintaining hygiene and sanitation and washing their hands regularly. They ought to come out of their houses only when absolutely necessary.