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Another Graphic Era discovery receives patent


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 2 Apr: Scientists from Graphic Era Deemed University have made a new discovery that will give new dimensions to the pharmaceutical business. With this, revolutionary changes will be seen in the production of medicines made from plants. After this new discovery, two to three times more medicine can be prepared from the same plant. This discovery of Graphic Era has been given approval by the Central Government by providing a patent.
Scientists from the Department of Biotech and Life Sciences of Graphic Era Deemed University, in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Institute, have made this major discovery. This success has been achieved after almost three years of research.
Dr Naveen Kumar Bajpai, the head of the team of scientists that made this discovery and Professor of Graphic Era Deemed University, says that, by generating a specific pressure at room temperature, there are surprising results of extracting various medicinal elements from plants, leaves, etc. By adopting this technique, two to three times more major medicinal elements can be obtained from the same plant. Through this, the success achieved in extracting more than twice the phenolic element from the leaves of Rudraksha became the basis for this new discovery. Through this technique, essential elements for medicines can be extracted from plants, leaves, etc., in a very short time at very low cost.
The team that carried out this discovery includes Dr Naveen Kumar and Dr Pankaj Gautam, teachers at Graphic Era, along with PhD scholars of Biotech, Payal Gupta, Swati Joshi and Sakshi Painuli, Dr. Shipra Mishra of the Depas Lab of the Defence Research and Development Institute of the Central Government and Dr Rajkumar Tulswani.
The research documents for patenting this technology were submitted to the Central Government’s Patent Office. After all the tests and investigations, four days ago, the central government registered the patent of this technology in the name of Graphic Era Deemed University. It has been patented for twenty years.
President, Graphic Era Educational Group, Dr Kamal Ghanshala expressed happiness at the new discoveries being made one after the other and congratulated the team of scientists. He said that apart from providing skilled professionals to the corporate sector and industry, Graphic Era is also proving its excellence by continuously giving big gifts to the world through innovations.