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Anupam Kher: I make my job difficult


Actor Anupam Kher says he makes sure to approach every new project with a clean slate. With his experience, he adds, it is easy to feel like he knows it all, but he makes sure to always learn as much as he can.
“In my situation, it is easier for me to be competent and go like, ‘I have done so much work, tell me what are the lines?’ But I won’t be brilliant. If you have to be brilliant, you have to approach a new role with a complete new approach every time. You need to behave as if you don’t know anything. I clean my screen every time. I make my job difficult,” he says.
The actor, who also runs an acting school, adds that his students have taught him so much.
“Competence is the biggest enemy of brilliance. I am excited about life. I don’t go to my classroom and say, ‘listen I am this thespian who will teach you’. My acting school benefits me the most. I get to know so much from the students like how to approach a scene. They might not be as good at performing it but their ideas are so good,” he says.