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Anupam Kher: Ink on your finger will make you realise what strength you have


Veteran actor (turning director) Anupam Kher on Monday urged everyone to exercise their right to vote and he said the ink on the finger will make your realise your strength.

Anupam took to Instagram, where he shared a video talking about the importance of voting.

In the clip, he urged Mumbaikars not to make it a long weekend by not showing up to exercise their right and duty to vote: “Mumbai mein aaj hai, werna waise weekend lamba bhi tha. … Toh aap mein se bahut logon ne socha bhi hoga ki aaj lambe weekend main kahin chale jaate, khaskar metropolitan cities mein, magar mat dena (or voting karna) aap ka farz hi nahi adhikaar bhi hai.”

He shared that when he travels from Chowpatty to his home, he sees a billboard that reads: “The dictionary definition of an idiot is a person who does not vote.” To this, the actor-director added: “It can be debatable, but it is actually that.”

Asking everyone to get out of their homes and exercise their right, Kher said: “Garmi hogi, loo chalegi, there will be no wind, magar paanch saal aap aesi sarkar chahte hain jaisi aapko chahaiye, toh ek din ki takleef uthaayeie and nikliye ghar se (There will be heat, loo and no breeze to cool you down, but if you want the government you have been wishing form then leave your homes and go to vote).”

He concluded by saying: “The ink on your finger will make you realise what your strength is. Your one vote will get you that government that you are dreaming of. Otherwise for five years … you will have no say on what comes your way.”

Kher’s parting message: “I didn’t want to give a lecture but I felt I must urge you to vote. It only comes once in five years. You are a citizen, you have the right to get the kind of government you want.”