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AoL celebrates Guru Purnima



DEHRADUN, 16 Jul: On the occasion of Guru Purnima, The Art of Living, Dehradun, family celebrated “Guru Ki Mahima”, an evening of divine music and meditation, here. A large number of people from all walks of life, business persons, working professionals, retired persons, housewives and a large number of youth came together to honor their Guru and his wisdom. Founder of Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravishankar says, “A Guru does not simply fill you with knowledge, he kindles the life force in you. In the presence of the Guru, you become more alive. The pinnacle of intellect is awakened intelligence. The Guru invokes not only intelligence but also the intellect in you. Knowledge may not invoke intelligence, but in a state of intelligence, knowledge is inherent.” On this auspicious occasion, Art of Living teachers and volunteers went to Doon Hospital and celebrated this day with patients there, they also distributed fruits and cookies to them. Renowned singers of Art of Living, Harshal Pulekar and Saleel Pulekar left the audience spell bound with their melodious bhajans. This was followed by collective meditation for world peace, thus bringing tranquility in the environment. Khushboo, who attended the programme, said, “I am privileged to have a Guru in my life; I feel the journey of my life is much more beautiful ever since.” Anjul said, “Today is a day I remember all my teachers, mentors, my Guru and feel grateful for the value they have added to my life.”