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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?


By Pooja Marwah

In this fast-paced ever-changing world, the journey towards success isn’t just about intelligence; it’s about something deeper, something within us all – Emotional Intelligence (EI).

So, what exactly is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, often referred to as EI, isn’t merely an intellectual concept; it’s a vibrant, living force that shapes your everyday experiences. Think of it as the art of understanding and mastering your own emotions and those of others. It’s an orchestra where your thoughts, feelings, and actions harmonise to create music in your lives.

To give you a simple listicle, EI is about –

  1. Self-Awareness: Imagine a mirror that reflects not just your physical appearance but your inner thoughts and emotions. That would be absolutely amazing, wouldn’t it?
  2. Self-Regulation: This empowers you to steer your life with grace and composure, even when the storms of adversity threaten to engulf you.
  3. Motivation: In the realm of EI, motivation is not just about having goals, but about having the fire within to chase them relentlessly. It’s about finding your ‘why,’ your North Star, and allowing it to guide you through the darkest nights.
  4. Empathy: As much as people portray themselves to be empathetic, sadly, it’s just an outward display of ‘something’ that isn’t inherently them. Empathy is the bridge that connects hearts, transcending the barriers that often divide us as humanity.
  5. Social Skills: Social skills are the threads that weave the fabric of your relationships. They’re the ability to communicate with finesse, resolve conflicts with compassion, and build connections that stand the test of time.


Life is all about meeting people, forging connections, building a network that eventually leads to your net worth. I have read this statement, without exaggerating, over 50 times a day across Social Media. But is it really all about money – social status – the invites, you get?

Emotionally intelligent people are the ones that truly are worth knowing for they have the power to foster meaningful connections. They are the ones that aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, without any pretence or faux demeanour. In a world where conflicts are as common as the air you breathe, EI acts as a skilled negotiator. It guides you to navigate conflicts with grace and wisdom. But how many really understand this?

Dealing with stress or unpleasantness; adversity more like it, really pulls out the weeds. People you think you can trust are the ones that are often the first to betray you, sadly, and this is where EI comes in.

Having done an intense study of the parameters that encapsulate mental well being, I can confidently surmise that emotionally intelligent people are the ones who know their capabilities, and embrace feedback as a gift.

Emotional Intelligence is not just a concept; it’s a profound way of being. It’s a journey within, an exploration of the self and the world around us. As you walk down this path, you end up valuing your relationships, and achieving a life of fulfillment and purpose.

And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we are all craving?

(Pooja Poddar Marwah is an award winning author and Blogger. She writes an contemporary living and offers incisive reflections on the world around us. Her blog, Random Conversations is a go to guide to deal with the myraid stuggles we face each day.)