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Army Engineers celebrate 239th Corps Day



DEHRADUN, 18 Nov: Army Corps of Engineers, also called Sappers, celebrated its 239 Corps Day, today, under the aegis of Lt General Girish Kumar, Surveyor General of India and ADG, Military Survey, at the 501 Field Survey Engineer Group, where a limited number of officers of the Corps of Engineers and station officers attended the function. The Corps of Engineer being one of the oldest arms of the Indian Army has played a significant role in providing combat engineers’ support during war and development of infrastructure for the armed forces and other defence organisations. Its Motto is ‘Sarvatra’. Engineers have proved their mettle by providing selfless service in all spheres of nation building, including constructing and maintaining roads and habitats along the vast border and providing support to the population during natural disasters. The Sappers continue to remain at the forefront in all spheres, working tirelessly and have proven to be a force multiplier for the Army. According to Brig KG Behl (Retd), the Surveyor General has agreed that from next year, ladies will also be included. It was felt that for such important occasions as the Sappers’ Corps Day, ladies and all sapper officers of the station should also be included. A mini Corps Day was also celebrated by the sapper officers and their families at DSOI, here, which was attended by Col RK Mehta, Col BD Gambhir, Col RP Jairath, Col KS Mann, Col BM Thapa and many others with their families.