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Around 25 PCS officers to be promoted soon


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 29 Apr: Promotions of around 25 PCS officers has become overdue due to various reasons. Sources now claim that the promotion process will soon move forward in the coming days. While the promotions have become overdue over the past several months, enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct in the state for the general elections is being cited as a major reason for the delay.

After a long time, it now is being indicated that the government will soon initiate the promotion process for eligible PCS officers on Grade Pay of Rs 8,700. In addition, two PCS officers are also likely to be promoted to the IAS cadre. For this, a panel of at least 3 names of eligible PCS officers is required to be prepared. At present there are two vacancies in the IAS Cadre for promoted PCS officers. It may be recalled that Provincial Civil Services (PCS) cadre is a feeder cadre for IAS services.

The Personnel Department is set to begin the process to prepare the panels and get them approved by the government. The CM’s approval is needed for the promotions. Basic homework in this direction has been done already by the Personnel Department. Those to be considered for promotion to the grade pay of Rs 8,700 are officers who are currently getting a grade pay of Rs 7,600. Sources remind that these promotions ought to have been carried out long ago but were pending in view of some objections to the seniority lists. These cases have been filed in the Uttarakhand High Court by some PCS officers themselves who consider the seniority lists of the PCS officers prepared by the government as contentious. Though such cases are still being heard by the courts, the Personnel Department is considering an alternate way to put an end to the controversy in this regard by mulling on granting promotion to the entire batch of PCS officers currently receiving the Grade Pay of Rs 7,600. As a result, more than 25 PCS officers are likely to be promoted soon to the grade pay of Rs 8,700. Since the number of cadre posts on Grade Pay of Rs 8,700 may not be adequate to be able to absorb all the promotion, the government is considering granting promotion to all the eligible officers by creating some ex-Cadre posts.

Sources further claimed that two eligible officers in Grade Pay of Rs 7,600 may not be considered for promotion to Grade Pay of Rs 8,700 as they have not been able to secure NOCs for promotion in view of some departmental inquires pending against them. It they manage to get the NOC following department clearances, they may be considered separately for the promotion at a later stage.

Sources however also added that the despite the process being initiated for the promotions, the final orders are likely to be issued only after 4 June when the Model Code of Conduct, presently in force, will be lifted.

In addition to this, there are two vacancies for PCS officers for promotion to the IAS cadre. For this a panel of 3 eligible names will be prepared. Presently, as per the seniority list of PCS officers, Narendra Kuriyal and Bansilal Rana are the seniormost officers eligible for promotion to the IAS cadre. So another name may also be added in the panel to be sent to the Union Government for the promotion. One PCS officer who missed the promotion last time is Nidhi Yadav who is facing an inquiry against her. However, she has sought a review for promotion.