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Arth Environmental Series!



I moved to Dehradun after living in big metro cities of the country and worldwide. I realised so many things. While I was always in those global cities, I kept hustling
and kind of wondered for what and why a human is born? There is very little that we add to this beautiful
creation of God called Earth. Instead we as humans have left no stone unturned to ruin it.

During the COVID-19 pandemic with sheer luck happened to meet Padmabhusan Anil Prakash Joshi ji. I feel meeting him made me realise so much about our life. There is so much beyond what we as today’s youth have been thinking – what exactly a great life looks like. I was surprised to see how Anil ji has achieved so much in his lifetime and yet how down to earth and grounded he is.

The peace on his face, a positive attitude and zeal to save our environment by scientific interventions was something that really excited me. I met him few times, curious to know more and more about his journey. Each time I met him, heard about his mission GEP, environment, rural economy. I was very inspired by his knowledge and wisdom and the way he talked was very attractive. After thinking a lot over it I proposed to him to create an environmentally relevant series comprising few episodes to which he readily agreed.

Anil ji has been very accepting and open to ideas, provided one executes them in time. After a lot of brainstorming we came up with this name “Ar th” (meaning, economy and earth).

Arth is a series of few episodes where Padmabhusan Anil Joshi ji talks about issues right from the formation of our planet and how in due course the destruction caused by humanity has made us all think. When we talk of development we don’t realise we develop at the cost of environment. Our soil, water, air, forest all is at stake.

Arth has been mostly shot at the campus of HESCO (Himalayan Environmental Studies and conservation Organization) which was founded in the year 1983 by Anil ji. For the last 35 years Dr. Anil Joshi and his team members have been applying knowledge of the environmental sciences and simple technologies to bring consistent development to the rural villages of the Himalayas. The series was launched on 3rd July, 2020. COVID 19 has clearly made us all realise that if we take our planet for granted we all should be ready for more and more such pandemics in the future. It’s high time we rectified our mistakes and realize that development should not come at the cost of the environment.

I hope this series spreads a lot of awareness amongst the people around and such valuable information and vision of Dr. Joshi is heard by the masses.