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Artists pay tribute to soldiers


DEHRADUN, 25 Feb: Tanshi Arts Studio and artists paid tribute to the soldiers of the Indian Army.
Sending across the message of love, peace, tranquility and harmony in whatever little way the artists and painters can contribute to society, the artists participated in a live painting workshop on 23-24 February.
Anjali Thapa, a professional artist, showed a soldier’s boots, uniform and helmet, which are carried through life and remain till the end. Kulina Shah tried to show that, after even hideous events, there are still life, love, peace and harmony on earth. She painted lilies as a tribute.
Smrity Lal, the owner of the studio, painted a Buddha – a symbol of peace and harmony along with flowers. Ritu Verma painted a leaf showing different forms of life…
Other artists who participated were Dev Bharti, a design student from Doon University, Hemant Painuly from Rishikesh, Pooja Bansal, a management intern, Ria, a fashion design student, Ananya Goyal, Apoorva, Abhimeet Sethi.
The workshop continued into today. The paintings are exhibited in the gallery and are available for people to visit and view. Later, this work will be exhibited at the Raj Bhawan during the flower show.