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ASISC Regional Principals’ meet held



DEHRADUN, 28 Sep: On the second day of the ASISC Regional Principals’ meet held at St George’s College, the proceedings began with a prayer video after which the girls of Mussoorie International School presented a medley of harmonious melody as well as a dance that was a prayer offering to goddess Sarawati. Thereafter, the delegates were welcomed once again. The first keynote speaker of the day, Swami Agnivesh who recited a Rig Veda Mantra at the beginning of his speech, expressed his gratitude for having been invited to speak at this prestigious gathering of school leaders. According to the Swami, God enjoins us to stay united as one family. God is one, even though he is known by different names. Swami Agnivesh spoke about how he was a college lecturer at St Xavier’s Kolkata but then left employment to work as a social activist. The spiritual potential of man, he said, is what makes up social justice. Justice is God. We are all equal. However, the greatest tragedy is that man by birth, becomes unequal. There is no dearth of educated people in this world but it is the educated who are the cause of all problems. Hitler did not build his gas chambers with the help of the uneducated. Rather, it was the engineer and scientist who designed such structures. Today, education is less about empowering youth and more about qualifying for examinations, placements and such. Globalisation is nothing but the glorification of greed. The privatization of natural resources can be observed in all spheres. Everything has been commodified. The world needs to spread the idea of One Universe: One Family. The delegates broke for tea after which the next session was conducted by Gerry Arathoon, CEO& Secretary, CISCE. Arathoon discussed the council examinations for classes 9 and 11 and said that this decision was made to ensure the uniform transaction of syllabus throughout the country. He also declared various important dates concerning the schedules for these classes. Arathoon encouraged the Principals to boost sports in their respective schools by ensuring active participation in the CISCE Sports and Games. Training programmes for teachers in English and Mathematics will be conducted by Master Trainers in Kolkata and other locations in the country. Principals and teachers were directed to peruse the Analysis of Pupil Performance 2019 so as to enable better preparation for the forthcoming board examinations. Arathoon addressed specific concerns of Principals from various schools, at the end of the session. Principals who helped facilitate the CISCE Sports and Games as well as Literary events were appreciated for their contribution and cooperation and presented mementos. Fr. Susai Raj, President Elect (ASISC), felicitated Arathoon by presenting him with a memento. The conference came to a close with a vote of thanks followed by a dance performed by the boys of St George’s College.