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Assembly Speaker visits Gauraksha Shala, CNG plant in Naurangabad 

By Our Staff Reporter 
Haridwar, 2 July: Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Speaker, Ritu Khanduri Bhushan, visited Shri Krishnayan Gauraksha Shala and CNG Bio Fertilizer Plant in Naurangabad, here, on Sunday.
During this, the Speaker performed cow worship with chanting of mantras and fed jaggery to the cows.
She praised the Gauraksha Shala and said that she is proud that our society is so devoted to the care and protection of mother cows. Here she was glad to see many people trying to raise cows in a healthy, safe and humane way. This Gauraksha Shala has a lot of important information about the lifestyle of cows, and is committed to doing its bit to create more awareness.
Bhushan said that she thanks the managers, employees and all the volunteers of Shri Krishnayan Gauraksha Shala, who are serving these cows with their time, hard work and values. Their dedication and struggle reflect the highest recognition of our social edifice.
Ritu Khanduri further added that the resolution taken by Shri Krishnayan Gauraksha Shala for Gauraksha Shala is praiseworthy. The holy resolution of protecting the mother cow is included in this.
The Speaker said that all the gods reside in the mother cow. By serving the mother cow, all the troubles go away and virtues are also attained. Mother cows have the best place in Indian culture. More than 3300 cows are being taken care of in the Gaushala located at Haridwar in Shri Krishnayan Gauraksha Shala, which is extraordinary in itself.
Thereafter, the Speaker inspected the production of organic and bio-fertilizers and its related research laboratory established in the bio-plant. This plant and research center also provides soil testing facilities to the farmers and is motivating the farmers for organic farming. During this, she praised various items and products made from cow dung.
On this occasion Mahamandaleshwar Swami Ishwar Das, founder of Gauraksha Shala, Patron Swami Atmanand, Acharya Dayashankar and others were present.