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Atomic Growth is leading company in offering digital services to fitness sector


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 29 Dec: In this age and time, even for the specialists and talented experts in various sectors, it becomes a challenging task to set up successful enterprises unless they are adept in using digital technology as an effective tool in reaching out to prospective clients.

Rishabh Kandpal, son of Sanjaya Kandpal, retired Zonal Manager of Punjab National Bank, is a young entrepreneur who has set up a company called Atomic Growth Private Ltd and, as its director, is providing services to enable various health sector experts reach out to their prospective clients and offer consultancy to them.

Speaking to Garhwal Post, Rishabh Kandpal revealed that his company is a Private Limited non-Government Company incorporated in India around two years ago, with its registered office in Dehradun. It is a company with an authorised capital of Rs 15 Lakh and a paid-up capital of Rs 1 Lakh and is now earning a turnover of several crores of rupees.

Kandpal stated that his company focuses more on allied experts in the health and fitness sectors such as fitness trainers, dieticians and meal planners, clinical and non-clinical psychologists and mental problem experts besides some doctors and even dentists. ​The operational area of the company is pan India.

Kandpal added that, while there is no dearth of experts in these fields, often these are unable to market their services in a more professional manner in the digital age. He added that there are some digital apps and portals which offer services and consultancy services of practicing doctors, experts in allied sectors have not been given due focus by them. His company offers end to end solutions and packages for such experts in positioning themselves before the prospective clients.

Kandpal expressed satisfaction at the early growth of his company and insisted that his next goal is to facilitate such experts and trained personnel in getting regular clients and make them self- reliant. In the current times, lifestyle disorders and psychological problems are on rise and his company aims to facilitate both the experts and the clients in getting their problems resolved and help them lead a more empowered life.