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Basic mantra of nation building is goodwill: Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter

Haridwar, 12 Apr: Addressing a three-day ‘Virat Sadbhavna Sammelan’ held under the aegis of Manav Utthan Seva Samiti at the local Rishikul College ground, Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj said that, following the path of religion, spreading goodwill and mutual love, people should move forward with passion and become participants in nation building.
The three-day Sammelan was inaugurated on Tuesday.
Addressing the large spiritual gathering Maharaj appealed to those present not to hate each other in the name of religion, but adopt the knowledge through which spiritual growth could be achieved.
“In order to see the power of God in every aspect, we need the supreme light by which we can see everything and be guided on the path of truth,” he affirmed. He recalled that Hanuman had strong faith in chanting the name of Ram. This made his mind very pure. “We all also want that our minds should also be pure and the virtues be communicated to us,” he emphasised. “This is not possible without a Sadguru. By taking refuge in the Sadguru, one should start one’s spiritual practice. Then only will all the good qualities start manifesting.”
He recalled that the sages used to be enlightened. They loved all beings with a soul. He prayed not only for the people of India but for all the creatures of the world to be blessed with the Supreme Soul. He said that if there are wars, then petrol and diesel will become expensive, with an escalating effect on prices. Only the propagation of spiritual knowledge can prevent such happenings.
The minister said that, today, all kinds of information in available on the internet, but not spiritual knowledge. It is attained only by taking the shelter of enlightened souls. Only the restless mind has to be calmed to bring about real change.
Also present were former minister Amrita Rawat, Vibhu Maharaj and other dignitaries. The event was conducted by Hari Santoshanand.