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Going by the allegations made against Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the opposition parties, in particular the Congress and the TMC, he is some kind of a prophetic genius. He not only travelled in time to date the war of liberation in East Pakistan to coincide with the ongoing West Bengal elections, but got the present government of Bangladesh to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the war just when he desired it. He is also so devious that, months ago, he began growing a beard to get a Rabindranath Tagore like look to gather Bengali votes. The remarkable coincidence of allegations being made the opposition and the Pakistani establishment would also imply that he has turned Pakistan into a vassal state deeply part of Indian politics.

It is being demanded that the PM should have got his Bangladesh visit cleared by the Election Commission. If his request was denied, it would be alright for him to lose the significant opportunity at the present to improve diplomatic relations with the important neighbour to the East. Going by that standard and the continuous holding of elections through the year in some part of India or the other, every Prime Minister would be reduced to a Manmohan-like coma, leaving the conduct of diplomacy and international relations to extra-constitutional entities like the NAC. One Congress leader has gone to the extent of saying that credit for the liberation of Bangladesh goes to the Congress (not the nation that the PM represents).

All of these opportunities are not just falling into the PM’s lap, or being contrived through evil design. Those who are focused on their objective and put in the necessary hours of work turn every situation to their advantage. This needs to be understood by all the politicians who forget ideology, good sense and even decency for the sake of cheap poularity. It was ironic, for instance, to see Prof Ram Gopal Yadav of the Samajwadi Party appeal in the Rajya Sabha for expanding and speeding up the vaccination drive, when his party leader Akhilesh Yadav had not so long ago declared he would not be taking the ‘BJP vaccine’. People do not forget such statements and shape their opinions accordingly. It requires a more steadfast and committed personality to not be seduced by short-term advantages and keep an on eye on the long term goal. ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’, it is said, but sometimes, because of the opposition’s failings, the hour turns into an era.