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BJP delegation meets CEO, complains about “undue harassment of party workers”


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 1 Apr: The Uttarakhand BJP has complained to the Election Commission about violation of democratic rights of the party workers by the officials and about misbehaviour with the party workers and supporters.

In this regard, a party delegation under the leadership of State General Secretary of BJP, Aditya Kothari called on Chief Election Commissioner Dr BVR Purushottam and said that, at many places, the formal campaign of the party is being disrupted by the Election Commission’s teams citing the code of conduct, despite the necessary permissions having been obtained by the party. The delegation members also claimed that the ordinary supporters of the party are also being deprived of their right to political expression. Name plates, flags, stickers, etc., are being forcibly removed from the houses of party members and even the party supporters by the officials. Workers are being mistreated, whereas under the rules, any political party member or supporter can put up a name plate and flag at their houses.

The delegation members further complained that the party’s LED vans are also being stopped at various places by the Commission employees despite the fact that necessary permissions have been obtained by the party for the operation of vans from the election office and from the RTO. In this regard, the Election Commission has officially informed all the District Magistrates or Commission officials.

Kothari and State Party Treasurer Puneet Mittal alleged that BJP workers and supporters having small party flags atop their own vehicles, are also being forcibly asked to remove them whereas, under the rules, there is no restriction on any party official or worker putting up a flag or sticker atop own vehicle or property. It was also stated that the auto rickshaw owners who have put stickers on their vehicles on their own are also being forced to remove these by the Election Commission officials. Similarly, flags and stickers have been installed on the establishments of BJP workers with their approval and they are also being removed forcibly due to which the party workers and officials are being humiliated and the rights given under democracy are being violated.

In the complaint letter submitted to the CEP on this occasion, the party has requested to direct all the officials related to the Election Commission that under the democratic values, the BJP worker should be permitted to display flags, stickers, names on their homes, establishments, personal commercial vehicles and that the party workers should not be unnecessarily harassed.

On this occasion, State Party Treasurer Puneet Mittal, Anil Goyal, Sanjay Gupta and Tehri Lok Sabha co-in-charge Ramesh Chauhan were present in the delegation along with Aditya Kothari.