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BJP genuinely concerned for welfare of women: Asha Nautiyal


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 11 May: BJP has today reacted strongly to the charges levelled by National Mahila Congress President Neta D’Souza against the BJP during a press conference held in Dehradun, yesterday.

The State President of the BJP Mahila Morcha, Asha Nautiyal, held a press conference in this connection at the BJP State Headquarters here, today. She said that, as in other BJP ruled states of the country, several schemes are ongoing in Uttarakhand to further the economic empowerment of women and to provide them with more employment and self employment opportunities. She claimed that under BJP rule, the interests of women are always protected and given priority, while the Congress remembers the rights of women only during the election campaigns.

Nautiyal further claimed that Neta D’Souza, the National President of Congress Mahila Morcha, has little knowledge of Uttarakhand and has been misinformed by her party colleagues about the condition and status of women in Uttarakhand. She asserted that the Congress must remember that it was the BJP Government which had enacted the law of 30 percent horizontal reservation for women in government jobs. The BJP Government is also moving forward with the goal of making 1.25 lakh Lakhpati Didis in the state. Similarly, the state government is running the Nanda Gauri Yojana with a budget of over Rs 282 crores and also giving 3 LPG cylinders free to Antyodaya families per year.

She further stated that BJP Government in the past had also implemented the rule of 50 percent reservations for women in the panchayats.

Nautiyal claimed that, in all the unfortunate incidents that Neta D’Souza had mentioned, including the tragic Ankita murder, strictest possible action has been taken on the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami and the public is satisfied with that. Similarly, before talking on the issue of employment, they should also see the statistics of their own state governments. This rate is 4.2% in Uttarakhand as against 7.2% and 26.2% unemployment rates of Himachal and Rajasthan, respectively.

Nautiyal said that BJP organisations and governments keep working among the public throughout the year, while Congress wakes up to issues only during elections. That’s why their leaders keep trying to mislead the public by making unrestrained and baseless allegations. Expressing confidence, she said that the great people of Devbhoomi will not fall for the false propaganda of the Opposition and will teach it more lessons in the future also.