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BJP govt crushing dreams of unemployed youth: Cong

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 15 Feb: Congress continued its dharna for the sixth day today in protest against the barbaric lathi charge on the unemployed youth,. The call for the continued dharna has been made by PCC Chief Karan Mahra. In this sequence,  Youth Congress leaders and workers took out a torchlight procession from the state Congress headquarters at Rajpur Road till Clock Toower here to protest against the BJP state government. The protest was led by PCC Chief Karan Mahra and former PCC Chiefs Pritam Singh and Ganesh Godiyal.
Addressing the Youth Congress workers, State Congress Committee President Karan Mahra strongly attacked the state government and said that the manner in which the unemployed youth were brutally lathi-charged by the police at the behest of the government, was highly condemnable. He said that the state government of BJP should not test the patience of the unemployed youth by indulging in such barbaric action. Calling upon the unemployed youth, he said that the Congress party was constantly working to fight honestly to get justice for the unemployed youth.
Mahra said that it was not a sign of governance by a democratically elected government but Hitler’s rule that was running in the state of Uttarakhand. He said that in the rule of BJP, efforts are being made to suppress the voice of unemployed youth with the use of brute force for demanding their rights. The Congress party will not tolerate this, he said. He said that the BJP government is shattering the dreams of the state agitators. Mahra claimed that the martyrs who had laid their lives in the Uttarakhand statehood agitation had fought for a separate state so that the people of the state would have the rights on the affairs of the state. But the state government of BJP is doing the work of harming the state and the country due to its stubbornness.
On this issue, former PCC Chief Pritam Singh said that the country has been suffering because the unemployment was at its peak because of poor governance of the Modi Government at the Centre and due to poor governance of the BJP Government in the state. In the past eight and a half years, the unemployment in the country is at its peak, the Modi government is engaged in selling all the public sector undertakings of the country. Inflation has made the life of the common man difficult. To divert the attention of the public from all these issues, the work of throwing the whole country into the fire of hatred is being carried out by the Modi Government, Pritam Singh alleged. He said that in the past six years, the state government of BJP in Uttarakhand has pushed the state backward in every field. With unemployment at the highest level in the last fifty years, there is tremendous resentment among the youth from the hills against the neglect of the government.

Former PCC Chief Ganesh Godiyal claimed that the involvement of the people of the ruling party has been clearly seen in all the recruitment scams that had surfaced in the state so far and it is being covered up in the name of investigation. The scams in the recruitments are flourishing under the patronage of the government and the rights of the unemployed youth of the state are being crushed. He said that the Congress party has been demanding for a long time that the investigation of all the recruitments should be done by the CBI under the supervision of the sitting judge of the High Court, but the government was not agreeing to this due to various nefarious reasons.