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BJP rejects Cong charge sheet as baseless


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 7 Apr: The Uttarakhand BJP has dismissed the charge sheet released today against the Union and State BJP Governments by the Congress. Executive President of the party Naresh Bansal gave a point by point rebuttal of the charges levelled by the Congress, today. Bansal stated that the Congress was totally confused with respect to the elections and what was to be a charge sheet had ultimately turned out to be a challenge document without any specific charges. Congress was left without any issues in this election and was therefore getting anxious and confused.
Bansal said Congress had alleged that development had stalled since the BJP assumed power in the state. If there was no development, how could the State GDP go up from 5.9 percent during the Congress rule to 7.03 percent in just two years? He added that the per capita income in Uttarakhand had also gone up from Rs 1.58 lakhs to Rs 1.98 lakhs in two years.
Bansal claimed that the investors’ meet held last year in Dehradun had attracted investment worth Rs 1.25 lakh crores and work had begun on over 13,000 projects already. He claimed that in the first 17 years of the state, a total investment of only Rs 40,000 crores had been made, whereas, after the investors’ meet, investment worth Rs 40,000 crores was in the pipeline for the hills alone. He also dismissed the Congress allegations regarding the performance of the Union Government led by Narendra Modi. Reminding media persons that former PM Manmohan Singh had stated that there would be a downfall in the GDP due to demonetisation and implementation of GST to the tune of 2 percent, in reality, the Indian economy was thriving and had become the sixth largest in the world during Modi rule, up from 11th place during the Congress regime.
Industrial growth was also high in the country and India was the second largest steel producer, second largest in automobile sector and it had become the leading producer of agri produce. India was making rapid progress in the aviation sector, also.
He added that the Congress was not keeping its eyes open regarding employment generation, too. Under the Mudra Scheme, more than 14 crores loans had been granted and, of them, 4.5 crores were given to new entrepreneurs seeking loans for the first time. In addition, rapid growth in infrastructure was also generating huge employment, he claimed.
He questioned the Congress allegation regarding failure of the health scheme, Ayushman Bharat, and the health sector. Bansal claimed that whereas there was a total of merely 1,000 doctors in government service before BJP rule, the new state government had appointed 1,100 new doctors and the government health sector was getting totally transformed. The 108 EMRI service had been given a fresh impetus which had become hopeless during the Congress. He also claimed that despite some initial teething problems, the Ayushman Health Card scheme was working well in Uttarakhand and already over 23,000 persons had benefitted from the scheme.