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BJP says, Mahra’s term as PCC Chief has been dominated by factionalism


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 10 Apr: Commenting on the one year term of the present Pradesh Congress Chief Karan Mahra’s one year term, BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today claimed that the most significant achievement of Karan Mahra as the PCC Chief in Uttarakhand has been unprecedented level of factionalism within the party at the state level. Bhatt was speaking informally with the media persons at the BJP State Headquarters here today.

Mahendra Bhatt claimed that factionalism has been rising in the Congress and during the past one year under Mahra’s leadership, Congress has stayed away from the issues of public concern and has made noise over the issues that were not as relevant in the public opinion. Congress leaders instead of becoming the voice of the people, have spent more time in issuing statements against each other. Whatever issues have been raised by the Congress leaders have been more in the form of a propaganda rather than genuine concern. He further asserted that one of the major responsibilities of the Opposition should always be to cooperate in constructive works and alert and give positive suggestions to the government in the greater public interest, but the opposition in the state has only indulged in the politics of mere accusations and propaganda.

He said that one year of the current Congress President has been dominated by factionalism and doing a parikrama of the party’s high command by senior party leaders instead of working on the ground. The big satraps of the Congress party are targeting each other as per their convenience and the reality of internal democracy has also come to the fore. Ankita’s killers are in jail, and the copying mafia has also been sent behind bars.

Bhatt claimed that during the past one year, on the other hand, Pushkar Singh Dhami led BJP Government has spent time on effective governance, and on improving the implementation of various Central and State Government schemes and projects. In the past one year, Dhami Government has taken many major and significant decisions and also ensured strict action against the criminals engaged in illegal activities such as recruitment scams even as the Congress leaders merely indulged in inciting and provoking the youth of the country by attempting to mislead them. Work is going on in the state with the help of the Centre on various development schemes worth Rs 1.5 lakh crores but the Congress has not been able to digest this.

Bhatt said that at present the government is running a campaign to free the Dev Bhoomi from illegal religious encroachments, in respect of which the appeasement tactics of the Congress have come to the fore. The Congress is not worried about the state’s policy, customs and Sanatani culture, but is worried about its vote bank politics only.