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BJP submits recommendations to govt regarding resettlement of affected families in Joshimath

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 2 Mar: BJP has recommended to the government to settle the affected families of Joshimath on land owned by them or near the city. BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today also appealed to the people to have confidence and said that all the standards of modern technology and safety regarding the size of the building will be followed in the construction of the building.
Bhatt was responding to the queries in this regard made by the media persons at the party’s state headquarters here today. Bhatt asserted that no risk of any kind of construction can be taken in respect of the 1200 buildings in Joshimath which have been included in the danger zone by the government. He claimed that both the government and the party organisation want that the rehabilitation be done according to the feelings and wishes of the local people.
Bhatt informed that two options are being considered for the resettlement of the affected families in Joshimath. Under the first option, those who have land will be displaced by construction in the land owned by the affected families while under the second option, those who do not have any alternative land will be settled by arranging land for them as near as possible to their original place. Bhatt said, the party has conveyed its opinion to the government in this regard and that the party has full confidence that the sentiments of the people will be fully taken care of. He also said that whatever construction is done there, modern technology and all scientific aspects will be used. All due precautions will be ensured in respect of the construction. He added that Chief Minister Dhami has already spoken about land tenure survey and therefore the BJP also wants that there should be low height construction, and construction technology using fabric or similar light weight designs should be preferred.