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BJP targets Cong over its ‘appeasement’ policy


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 3 Feb: BJP has targeted the Congress for its “hidden intention of minority appeasement”. Giving an official response from the party, state spokesperson Suresh Joshi today reminded that veteran Congress leader Harish Rawat had thrown a challenge to the BJP to prove that he had indeed ordered holiday on Fridays for the Muslims to offer Namaz. If it did, he would retire from active politics. Now that the order issued during Harish Rawat’s tenure declaring a brief holiday for Muslims on Fridays for Namaz had surfaced, Harish Rawat ought to now actually retire from politics.
Joshi alleged that Congress was speaking about ‘Uttarakhandiyat’ just for show, while actually indulging in minority appeasement. He claimed that all the Congress leaders wore Uttarakhand caps on their head while they kept netted caps in their pockets in order to please and appease a particular section of society. When in power, they declared holidays on Fridays and, now that they were out of power, they were promising to establish a Muslim University.
Joshi said that, in closed door meetings, Congress was promising to open a Muslim university while in front of the public, they became convenient Hindus. Not only this, after getting caught on the wrong foot, the Congress leaders choose to go into denial mode. These developments made it clear that the intention of the Congress had been always full of duality towards the country as well as Uttarakhand. Joshi also sought to remind that during the movement for statehood, many senior Congress leaders had asserted that Uttarakhand would be created only over their dead bodies. Some Congress leaders demanded a union territory instead of statehood for Uttarakhand. The Congress kept the demand for Uttarakhand in abeyance for long before the BJP Government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee created Uttarakhand. Once Uttarakhand was created as a separate state, the same Congress leaders who were against the formation of Uttarakhand jumped forward to lead the state. Now they were speaking about Uttarakhandiyat.
The BJP Spokesman further apprehended that there could be some hidden agenda behind the Congress promise of land reform laws in Uttarakhand. There could be some nefarious plan behind the promise, he claimed. Suresh Joshi said that the credibility of the Congress was zero and the intention was not clear, so the public would not fall in the trap of their manifesto full of false promises. BJP would win again with public blessings on the basis of the impeccable and unprecedented work of its double engine government, he claimed.