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BJP terms allegations regarding electoral bonds as baseless

Dehradun, 15 Mar: BJP’s state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan today claimed that BJP had come up with the policy of Electoral Bonds only to ensure greater transparency in elections. He said that the party has welcomed the order of the Supreme Court to make the entire information regarding the electoral bonds public and has nothing to hide. Chauhan also claimed that the allegations levelled by the Opposition parties, including the chief opposition party, the Congress have proven to be baseless.
He said that the list of donations made public by the SBI on Election Commission of India portal also contains the details of the donations received by the opposition parties including Congress and that the Opposition parties have also received substantial portion of the donations but still they are accusing BJP of corruption and secrecy. Chauhan said that there has always been talk of fairness and transparency in elections, but BJP has done the work of bringing it to the ground. The aim of the electoral bonds was to curb black money and unfair means in elections.
Chauhan said that the public will decide the results of the elections and not the donations given by the companies. Congress has sensed the mood of the public and hence is engaged in propaganda against BJP on the pretext of bond. BJP has been winning elections with people’s power and the public will respond sternly to any allegation by Congress.
He said that those making allegations regarding the construction company constructing the Silkyara Tunnel company need to understand under what circumstances this operation was carried out and people were evacuated safely. Chauhan said that the public will answer every question of the opposition and will answer the false propaganda by voting.