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BJP undermining Indian Democracy: Cong



Mussoorie, 18 Dec: Congress State President Pritam Singh and Leader of the Opposition Indira Hridayesh while going to attend a protest organised by the party in Uttarakashi against the formation of the Shrine Board interacted with media persons, here. Former Municipal Chairman Manmohan Singh Mall and Mussoorie Congress President Gaurav Aggarwal welcomed them both.
Pritam Singh and Indira Hridayesh said that neither the priests nor the common people had been taken into confidence by the government on the formation of the Shrine Board. Pritam Singh said that the country’s economy had completely collapsed due to rising inflation and unemployment. Farmers were committing suicide but the government remained unconcerned. The country was burning over the Citizenship Amendment Act, which was damaging to communal harmony. The central government was killing democracy by crushing the constitution. He said it was the duty of everyone to stand together to save the country and the Congress party was fully prepared to do this.
He added that party state committee would soon be constituted in Uttarakhand which would include the youth as well as the senior cadres. The Congress party would emerge stronger and win the election in 2022 and form its government in the state.
Leader of the Opposition Indira Hridayesh said that the rights of the priests were being attacked with the formation of the Shrine Board. She pointed out that many of the Haridwar akharas had also raised their voices against the Shrine Board. She alleged that, during the assembly session, the government could not answer questions regarding the Shrine Board, rising inflation, cane prices, pending dues, etc. Owing to the Citizenship Act, students of the country were also on the streets against the government. She expressed confidence that the fire would spread across the country and there would be great violence. She said that the strategy of the Congress was to form its government in the state in 2022.