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BJP will win on basis of performance: Devendra Bhasin

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 23 Mar: On the occasion of Pushkar Singh Dhami led BJP Government completing two years of its tenure in Uttarakhand, BJP today presented the report card of fulfilment of people’s aspirations across the state. In Dehradun, it was the turn of senior party leader and Lal Batti holder Dr Devendra Bhasin to enumerate the achievements of the BJP Government. Bhasin addressed a press conference at the Election Media Centre here today. He shared that the BJP candidates and the leaders are in the public sharing the report card of the government. At the same time, Congress leaders declared as candidates in 3 Lok Sabha seats are apprehending forfeiture of their security deposit in the Parliamentary elections and for this reason, they are yet to launch their election campaign in right earnestness. Not only this, the Congress leadership is hesitating to even officially announce its candidates on two seats in the state. Responding to the media’s query, Bhasin claimed that Income Tax notice served to Congress candidate Ganesh Godiyal was perfectly as per the law and reminded that under the Modi Government, everyone will have to answer for his or her conduct or irregularity.
Dr Bhasin said that in 24 months, the BJP Government converted 48 big guarantees into reality, which were part of the resolutions which Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami and the party had promised to the public in the 2022 assembly elections. The government has fulfilled most of the pledges made to the public and has moved forward decisively to fulfil the remaining ones. Referring to the work of the government, he said, the government has made strict laws and taken historic decisions, which are being appreciated and adopted by the Central and various state governments. By passing the Uniform Civil Code Act, equal legal rights have been ensured for all the people of the state and this will empower the women, children and the elderly in the state.
Dr Bhasin claimed that the government is committed to securing the future of youth by coming up with the toughest anti-copying law, strict anti-conversion law, action against land jihad and love jihad, empowerment of women and reservation for statehood activists and sportspersons. Investment proposals worth Rs 3.54 lakh crores have been signed while projects are being taken up to promote tourism. Many public welfare schemes have been launched and for women empowerment, schemes like Lakhpati Didi and loan schemes for the women have been launched. There is a massive improvement in the infrastructure with the help of the Centre. Electricity and water supply has in every house and concern for the health of every person are many such works which are guaranteed to bring us the blessings of the public.
On this occasion, while answering the allegations of the opposition asked by the media, he said, based on the work of Modi in 10 years and Dhami in 2 years , the BJP is going to sweep all the 5 seats with record votes. Congress leaders are aware of this and that is why they are avoiding even entering the field due to the fear of their deposit being confiscated. He sarcastically said that all the five candidates of BJP are reaching out to the public along with the organisation and the three candidates of Congress announced so far are limiting their campaign to social media only and are not gathering the courage to go in front of the public. The condition of the remaining two seats is such that till yesterday the veterans who were trying their best for the candidature are now running away from the candidature by putting their son in the forefront. The situation is that the old leaders of the state do not believe in the claims of their high command and their high command does not trust the honesty of their second generation leaders.
During this, state media in-charge Manveer Chauhan, media in-charge Rajendra Negi, Manik Nidhi Sharma, state spokesperson Madhu Bhatt, Sunita Vidyarthi, Honey Pathak and Kamlesh Raman were prominently present in the press briefing.