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Booknerds discusses Jo Nesbo’s latest tome



Dehradun, 11 Aug: Diving into the world of detectives, The Booknerds organised a discussion on the book ‘Knife (Harry Hole)’ by Jo Nesbo.
The lead discussant for the event was Yogesh Kumar who is a journalist and an avid reader.
The moderator for the event was Indu Srinivasan,a voracious reader who started her career with chillibreeze.com, a blogging site of selected people, then later published her maiden novel ‘Trapped in the Mind Zone’ which is a juvenile parapsychological sci-fi novel.
A new Nesbø novel is always a treat for book lovers but ‘Knife’ is something really special. It’s got everything Nesbø readers have come to expect from Scandinavia’s reigning crime fiction king: a layered plot, a gritty atmosphere, immersive pacing, plenty of very convincing red herrings, and, of course, our beloved troubled detective Harry Hole. But Knife is quite different from its immediate series predecessors,and that is what makes Knife really special. Nesbo goes back to the gore that defined 2017’s The Thirst. Nesbø gives his impeccable prose and superb character development room to shine in Knife. This is undoubtedly Nesbø’s darkest story yet, and it’s also his most emotionally affecting – a potent combination. Nesbø is at his best when putting Norwegian detective Harry Hole through his worst.
The session discussed the book’s anti-hero point of view. The conflict between the accused and the cops was considered along with the morality of murder and the psychology behind the actions of a killer. The author’s interpretation of the situation and the greys were appreciated.
Some of the bibliophiles’ favourite crime books were also discussed and names like Sherlock Holmes and Lolita came up.