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Booknerds organises ‘Book Slosh’


DEHRADUN, 23 Dec: The Booknerds Hangout: Book Slosh was organised on the theme, ‘banned and controversial books by Indian and western authors’. The authors discussed included Khushwant Singh, VS Naipaul, George Orwell, Haruki Murakami, Gillian Flynn, Ismat Chugtai, among others. The Booknerds community sat down to discuss the impact of these books on their lives as well as on society as a whole.
Neha Raj, co-founder, along with Rohan Raj, set the scene for one of the most myriad discussions with so many divergent views. Rohan summarised in a few words the Booknerds journey so far. As the series of introductions began, everyone talked about their preferences in literature and put forward their views about controversial authors and books. Moving on, everyone was asked to name three books that they would like to be banned and why so. However even for fun, not everyone was on the same page, many were of the perception that no books should ever be banned. As everyone opened their beer bottles the discussion began.
One by one everyone came up with their choices explaining with logic in a mix of emotions about their preferences. The one author that was popular among the nerds’ ban list was Chetan Bhagat, while there still were some supporters for him, emphasising the point that his books are easy reads and accessible to everyone. As the debate of popularity versus literature ended, Neha announced the winners of this level one activity. Level two was the beer pong face-off.
Aradhya, Aditi, Vijayant and Snehi were clear winners.
The beer pong challenge to decide the winner of this fun debate began with beer glasses filled and the table set. One by one as the beer cups went down the throat the winner became more visible. Aradhya and Aditi were clear winners and were crowned the Banned Books Beer Pong Champions!
The next event on 26 December will be a discussion on the Geronimo Stilton series with many special activities, especially for children at The Booknerds Reading Space.