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Budget is regressive and disappointing: Cong

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 27 Feb: Congress party has criticised the state budget presented in Uttarakhand Assembly as directionless and regressive. PCC Chief Karan Mahara, Leader of the Opposition Yashpal Arya and senior Congress leader Pritam Singh have described the budget presented by Uttarakhand Government Finance Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal for the Financial Year 2024-25 as directionless, regressive, anti-development and an election budget that will increase inflation and unemployment.
Yashpal Arya

Reacting to the budget presented by the Dhami government in the State Assembly, Mahara said that the budget presented by Aggarwal in the House is directionless, regressive, increasing inflation and unemployment and is detrimental to the economic growth of the state. Mahara also claimed that the government has changed the names of many schemes as new to claim that development is happening in Uttarakhand. Mahara claimed that there is nothing new in the budget and that no provisions have been made in this budget to stop inflation, unemployment, women’s safety, new employment and migration. The BJP government, which has repeatedly trumpeted the idea of doubling the income of farmers, has not announced anything new for the farmers in the budget. Mahara said that the state government has presented a disappointing budget in all areas for the financial year 2024.

Pritam Singh

Nothing has been done in the budget to reduce the burden of rural areas, farmers, unemployed people and women. Like every year, the size of the budget has been increased but new sources of income have not been mentioned.

Leader of the Opposition Yashpal Arya has also described the budget as regressive and directionless. He claimed that jugglery has been done with regard to many figures in the budget. He also said that the budget does not have anything concrete towards increasing the employment or ensure more revenue generation.
BSP MLA Mohammed Shehzad also described the budget as disappointing.