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Cabinet shapes comprehensive response to Joshimath Disaster


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 13 Jan: After the cabinet meeting held by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Secretary Dr SS Sandhu and Secretary, Disaster Management, Dr Ranjit Sinha provided information to the media about the decisions of the cabinet.

They reminded that an advance amount of Rs 1 lakh (which will be adjusted) and Rs 50 thousand (non-adjustable amount) for transportation of goods and immediate needs, totaling Rs 1.5 lakh to the disaster-affected landowners and residents of Joshimath until the permanent occupation and rehabilitation policy is determined will be provided. An amount of Rs 45 crore has been released from the State Contingency Fund. In relation to the above, post-facto approval was granted by the Cabinet.

After the regional survey of the plots selected by the district administration (Koti Farm, Pipalkoti, Gauchar, Village-Gaukh Selang, Village-Dhak), in principle approval has been given for the construction of Pre-Fabricated Structures. Instructions were also given by the cabinet that after conducting a survey among the disaster-affected families/individuals of Joshimath, a decision will be taken to provide houses or to give funds in the form of a package.

As per Government Order No. 0763, dated 2/9/2020, disaster-affected persons, who live on rented houses, to be given an amount of Rs 4000 per month as rent for a maximum of 6 months from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Approval was granted for increasing the amount of rent for the disaster affected people of Joshimath from Rs 4,000 per month to Rs 5,000 per month. Along with the above, on the basis of the report of the District Magistrate, Chamoli, if there is a need to increase the rent further, the Chief Minister has been authorised to take a decision in this regard.

Landslide affected families will be provided with actual expenditure or Rs 950 per room per day, whichever is less, for accommodation in hotels / residential units as relief camps. Along with the above, it is proposed to provide Rs 450 per person per day for food during the period of the relief camp. If a person is not willing to have food in the relief camp, then such person will be provided Rs 450 per day for food. According to the SDRF standards, Rs 15,000 will be given for replacement of animals. In addition to this, Rs 80 per day will be provided for the fodder of large animals and Rs 45 per day for small animals.

For the purpose of geological survey and water drainage scheme, etc., of Joshimath city area, WAPCOS Limited Gurugram, which is among the shortlisted organisations at the level of Irrigation Department, may start works related to toe-erosion and landslide / landslide in EPC mode after the presenting the DPR. In this regard the Chief Minister has been authorised to take a decision by the Cabinet.

After conducting a survey of damage assessment through a district level committee of land and building owners affected by landslides, a decision was taken by the Cabinet regarding providing compensation for their land and constructed building. Instructions were given to prepare the package within a week and send it to the Government of India.

In view of the disaster, it is proposed to spend funds on various short-term and medium-term works from the resources of the State Government till the funds are received as relief package from the Government of India.

As per the new standards of SDRF issued by Government of India’s letter, it has been decided that two adult members of the families whose means of livelihood have been affected due to the calamity will get wages fixed under MNREGA. Ex-gratia relief will be provided as per the rates. For the people living in the relief camps, it is proposed to obtain the approval of the Cabinet in relation to providing ex-gratia relief amount as per the prescribed rates in MNREGA for the period.

Apart from this, the cabinet has also given consent on 4 other subjects.

It was decided to waive electricity and water bills of the disaster affected families/individuals of Joshimath for the next six months from the month of November, 2022.

In relation to the postponement of the recovery of loan taken from the bank, etc., of the disaster affected persons of Joshimath for one year, instructions were given that the loan recovery of cooperative banks should be postponed with immediate effect and also from the level of other commercial banks. A request should be made to the Government of India to postpone loan recovery.

It has been decided to study the carrying capacity of all the hill towns of Uttarakhand state. The Chief Minister was authorised to take quick decisions on various proposals related to the Joshimath disaster.