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Campaign against corruption, dynastic politics to be run in U’khand too: BJP


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 9 Aug:  BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today asserted that, following the appeal of Prime Minister Modi on the anniversary of the Quit India Movement, the Uttarakhand BJP would also launch a decisive campaign against the ideology of corruption, dynastic politics and appeasement across the state.

Bhatt was speaking informally with media persons after he paid tribute to the martyred freedom fighters of this movement on the 81st anniversary of August Kranti. He said that at that time, at the call of Mahatma Gandhi, the Quit India movement was started asking the British to leave the country. But, today, due to some opposition parties including the Congress, the policy of corruption, dynastic politics and appeasement has become a deep rooted issue in the country’s politics. BJP, as an organisation, has been consistently opposing such ideologies. To eradicate all these evils, a campaign has been launched in the country at the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Due to Modi achieving the corruption free governance, the Opposition parties feel threatened and have launched a drive to save themselves by launching a platform called I.N.D.I.A. under the guise of saving the country!

Bhatt claimed that Modi has blown the decisive bugle by calling for Quit corruption India, Quit Dynasty and Quit Appeasement India. With the cooperation of the public, the BJP will engage in the campaign to root out these evils. At the same time, BJP will also expose before the public those parties that consider corruption a normal practice, and follow dynastic politics and the policy of appeasement to be necessary in politics. Party workers will go among the public with this basic mantra and get their cooperation and blessings and expose the anti-national elements, Bhatt added.