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Can a Man Fight his Destiny?


By Ravi Matah

The destiny of everyone’s life is written. It cannot be changed but, of course, it can be altered and the conditions of life can be improved with hard work coupled with grit and determination.

Yes, for everyone the destiny is written, but destiny doesn’t push you where you don’t want to go. It is only for you to choose your destiny, and it is only up to you to shape and alter it.

All you need to do is just concentrate on what you want to achieve and apply your focus and efforts in that direction. Care needs to be taken if you wish to alter your destiny with a view to improving your social and financial stature in life.

Please remember that you are yourself to blame for your present condition, blessed or otherwise. Don’t blame others or make excuses for your present state of affairs. It is not advisable to crib and fight with others for it.

It is your focus alone which will enable you to achieve your target in life which will help you to work in the proper direction.

Yes, first, you should have a definite target and then you should focus on the path you wish to choose in order to achieve it; and last but not the least you should work hard to achieve the destined objective.

I may like to add here a case study at this point.

Ratan Naval Tata is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a former Chairman of Tata Sons. He was also Chairman of the Tata Group and was awarded the ‎Padma Vibhushan‎ (2008) by the government of India. In 1991, he became Chairman of India’s largest truck manufacturing Company.

At that time, his family was in the business of manufacturing trucks for the past many years, but he had a desire to manufacture a good car. In 1998, he decided to build passenger cars and at the end of that year, Tata Motors launched their ‘Tata Indica’ which was the first modern car to be designed by an Indian Company.

It was his dream project but the rate of sales of the car was so poor that he was disgusted with the idea of manufacturing cars and thought of selling his entire car manufacturing division.

In 1999, Ford, a Car Manufacturing Company of USA heard this news and got interested in buying his car business in totality. They invited Ratan Tata to their Head Office in Detroit and at the request of Bill Ford, Tata flew with his team there. The officials of both the companies met for about three hours but Ratan Tata was humiliated in front of his team by Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford Car Company.

Bill Ford rebuked Ratan Tata by saying that, if he knew nothing about car manufacturing, why did he venture into the passenger car division at all. He added that ‘we are doing you (Tata) a big favour by buying your car division’.

Ratan Tata felt humiliated and decided not to sell his car business to Ford. He immediately flew back to Mumbai with his team.

He focussed all his attention and concentrated on improving the performance of Tata Motors and by 2008, Tata Motors became the bestselling car Company in the market by technically improving and adding new features to the car. On the other hand Ford was still struggling to make a profit from his cars.

In 2008, Ratan Tata offered to buy the Jaguar and Land Rover series of cars from Ford as Ford was facing a huge loss on them. This time Ford came to Mumbai with all his team and at the meeting Ford told Ratan Tata that he was thankful that Tata was doing him a big favour by buying his Jaguar and Land Rover series. Today, Jaguar and Land Rover are the most highly priced and successful selling cars of Tata Motors.

This proves that whenever you have a dream with a desire to fulfil it, the Almighty also gives you the strength to achieve it. You can shape your destiny of becoming the manufacturer of good cars also if you take the right steps. Tata focussed on it and put in his hard work and achieved it by manufacturing Jaguar and Land Rover, two of the best cars in the world.

Now, if you don’t like the way things are going in life, you’re always free to change your direction towards a different field of activity and carve out a better future for yourself and shape your own destiny.

Just remember that you are not a tree! If you don’t like where you are standing, then move! Remember where you came from, where you’re going, and strive to achieve your dreams.