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CASFOS begins training on ‘People & Forest Interface’


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 8 Feb: The Central Academy for State Forest Service, here, has organised two-day online training for Non-Governmental Organisations and Community Based Organisations on the theme, ‘People & Forest Interface’.
Dr Vandana Shiva, Founder, Navdanya Biodiversity Farm, inaugurated the training programme. Around 260 participants from 25 states are participating.
In view of Covid-19 related travel restrictions, the training is being organised over the online platform. It has opened a new world of opportunity in which participants from faraway places are able to connect online.
The training programme will have many eminent speakers like STS Lepcha; Sanjeeva Pandey; Dipankar Ghosh, Director, Wildlife & Habitats Programme, WWF-India; Sasmita Lenka, DFO, Odisha; Anshu Pragyan Das, OFS, Odisha; Sanjay Sondhi, TITLI Foundation; etc., sharing their views on People and Forest Interface.
Principal Kunal Satyarthi, Lecturer Sarita Kumari,
Lecturer Abhilash Damodaran, Lecturer Pradeep Wahule, Lecturer Dr T Beula Ezhilmathi, CASFOS, Dehradun, were present at the inaugural programme.