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CASFOS holds training on ‘Ecosystem Approach to Forest Management’



DEHRADUN, 19 Nov: The Central Academy for State Forest Service is holding six-day training for In-Service SFS Officers and Senior Officers on the topic, ‘Ecosystem Approach to Forest Management’ from 18 to 23 November. The Course aims to orient the Forest Officers to the ‘Ecosystem Approach to Forest Management’. Twenty-seven forest officers from 12 Kerala, Odisha, UP, UK, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karanataka, J&K, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Nagaland and Manipur are participating in this course. Dr GS Rawat, WII, inaugurated the Course and Kunal Satyarthi, Principal, CASFOS, welcomed all the participants. Abhilash Damodaran, Lecturer, is the Course Director. Other Faculty Members Dr C Ramesh, Sarita Kumari, Pradeep Wahule and Anupam Verma, PT&GI, were also present on the occasion. Addressing the inaugural session, Dr GS Rawat focused on Management of socio-ecological system, Ecosystem management and sustainable development goals, principals of ecosystem approach, current focus of forest management (NWPC 2014), steps in ecosystem management, Key components of ecosystem management plan for Kailash sacred landscape, integration of springshed management, participatory action research, scientific challenges of Ecosystem Approach and also mentioned that the main aim of the workshop is to enable the forest officers to better coordinate and apply forest management. In the inauguration speech, Kunal Satyarthi focused on mega flora and fauna, and micro flora and fauna, the objective of Swachh Bharat in the present scenario, emphasis on water and forests in India, etc. This six-day programme will highlight on Evolution of Ecosystem Approach to Forest Management, Forest Interventions in rejuvenation of rivers, Grasses as an ecosystem component, Eco restoration of river flood plains, Forest Hydrology, etc., along with field trips.