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Centre distributing poison in form of fortified rice: Cong


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 7 Jun: The Senior State Vice President of the Congress, Mathura Dutt Joshi, and Chief Spokesperson of Congress, Garima Mehra Dasouni, today levelled serious allegations against the Modi Government by claiming that the Centre is distributing slow poison among the poor consumers across the country in the form of fortified rice.  Both the Congress leaders were jointly addressing a press conference at Congress Bhawan, here, today.

Joshi claimed that, in the name of providing free food to the poor, poisonous ration is being supplied to them. Joshi claimed that two senior members of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and NITI Aayog have warned the government about the ill effects of fortified rice in their reports. The reports stated that, if this mineral-rich rice is distributed, then diseases like anaemia and diabetes may strike the consumers as a result of their continued consumption. Joshi said that, even after the observation and objection of so many educated and experienced scientists, the Modi government is still continuing to serve the ‘slow poison’ to the people of the country.

Joshi asserted that these allegations are not political and the government should take serious cognisance of them as it is the government officials and scientific experts who have objected to distribution of fortified rice. He alleged that continued distribution of fortified rice despite reservations expressed in this regard indicates that it is a huge scam.

Chief Spokesperson Garima Mehra Dasauni said that the government is distributing fortified rice in the PDS under the Food Security Act, despite several warnings by experts and government officials. Would 80 crore people of the country pay the price for the mistake on the part of the Centre, she asked. Dasauni claimed that Professor Dr Anura Kurpad, a member of NITI Aayog’s National Technical Board on Nutrition, had observed an increase in serum ferritin levels in children who were given iron-fortified rice. Serum ferritin is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. Dr Kurpad has been publicly warning about the risks of iron-fortified rice, Dasauni reminded.