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Chairperson Dr S Farooq emphasised upon promoting Herbal Non-Biotic Health solution

Webinar on ‘Non-Antibiotics and Immunity Building,’ organised by Swami Rama Himalayan University
By Our Staff Reporter 
DEHRADUN, 29 Apr: Dr S Farooq President, Himalaya Wellness Company chaired a special webinar organised by Swami Rama Himalayan University, earlier this week. The topic in focus was ‘Non-Antibiotics and Immunity Building,’ a most relevant topic in the present day context when use of antibiotics is excessive.Change of life style is most important he pointed out. “We eat junk food or packed food all the time, which should be totally avoided,” he underlined.

Providing incisive information on the topic, Dr Farooq suggested Ayurvedic remedies, as antibiotics are losing their efficacy considerably. Along with promoting rational use of antibiotics and developing an understanding of their usage, Herbal Non-Biotic Health is the only solution he pointed out.

Nature he said has gifted us free remedies such as herbs and Vitamin D. We must make use of the gifts of nature to augment the innate immunity of our body. Indian Herbs rich in healing potential include Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Giloy, Tulsi, Brahmi, Neem and Triphala. We must improve our immune system by maintaining a healthy nutritional intake including herbs. Diet today is most crucial.

Raw Garlic has a good amount of antibiotic properties and is known to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and can even help with the prevention of cancer. Haldi mixed in milk, often referred to as Golden Milk if consumed rationally also boosts immunity levels, he added. But at the same time excessiveness should be avoided he warned.

Our lifestyles may not allow us to keep a healthy lifestyle, but keeping strong and active should be our goal, he averred. We must make use of knowledge from all corners of the world and all sources, including grandmother’s knowledge and folklore and must work on innovations. Yoga can be practiced to keep our body flexible. Nature has provided us 106 bones to remain flexibility, which is the key to a robust and healthy body, he elaborated.