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Change forest policy to check human-wildlife conflict: Kaushal



DEHRADUN, 19 Jul: In a press release issued here, today, Avdhash K aushal of the NGO, RLEK, has pointed out that only 30% of the wildlife including tigers and elephants lives in the protected areas – national parks and sanctuaries – while 70% live outside. This is also confirmed by the fact that wildlife is killed in the protected areas, while outside wildlife kills human beings. Sometimes they take and attack even children in their homes. Kaushal says that the Forest Department and Government will never be able to stop this conflict until and unless they change the Forest policy. Many of the Schedule-I species, which are accorded the highest degree of protection under the law, are found outside notified protected areas. As many as 29% tigers live outside the tiger reserves. Lansdowne Forest Division, a tiger corridor between Corbett and Rajaji Tiger Reserve, has 22-25 tigers but is not a protected area. The situation gave rise to incidents that lead to man-animal conflict and threats to animals as well as humans. The reason behind this devastation is the so called “civilised race” of the world, which shows an uncivilised attitude towards other species that coexist with them. Any imbalance among wildlife not only affects their eco-system but that of humans as well. It is high time, asserts Kaushal, that awareness is created among people on the subject and adequate steps taken to amend the forest policy for corrective measures.