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It is pleasantly amusing to witness the sudden surge of online activity. For a moment, I actually believed that Covid 19 would make people slow down and breathe. I actually believed that life would mean a lot more than the number of followers one has.

Its fun to share ideas and meet new like minded people. Never know when Cupid strikes! It is interesting to learn and read about how life is for different people. Most of us are just trying to keep ourselves and the ones around us sane and that is perfectly okay. There is nothing to prove to anybody. But with zoom, cisco, webex and teams, it is becoming more of a ratrace, yet again. The infamous climb to the top. The quest of being seen and heard. The desire to offer unsolicited advice.

A dinner table conversation is one of my most favourite times to indulge in incessant chatter. Everyone has something to say about their day – the good and the better. Goals are discussed and ways to reach them too, without taking away the peace and the sanctity of the mind. This brings me to an interesting excerpt wherein we spoke about the Waldorf Pedagogy. This way of learning broadens the mind and piques the curiosity of anyone wanting to learn. One of the main philosophies of this system are that there are no absolutes in life… not even in maths. It is not a game of formulas and equations for there are more ways than one to reach a conclusion.

3*3=9. You take two numbers and arrive at an answer. This is correct but there are also other ways to look at it.





There are always different ways to reach the end.. The destination is all you need to focus on. Everyone has their own unique way of arriving at a conclusion and that is what we took away from the conversation. Reaching the same answer inspite of the different ways, goes onto to show that the world is always ready to give you another chance or another way, should you be willing to try. If it doesn’t add up, you can always try the multiples.

The online world was created to bridge gaps and bring people closer… but what its actually done is connect you to the ones living farthest, and take away time from the one you share a home with. Social media was introduced to help you grow your audience, but its actually grown to ensure that you lose your mind over someone else’s growth.

And here, enclosed at home, the crazy rush hour begins –  again.

There is a sense of gloom that descends on many a person seeing and hearing about all the tech appraised apps, that people are using to grow their business. There is a sense of hopelessness that begins to cause a shadow over the ones who live alone and read about people giving up on life. There is a greater sense of despondency in feeling as though nothing is worth it.. But Oh!! It so is.

There will always be a way to do something if you can keep your eyes glued onto your goalpost. One way or the other, magic happens when you don’t give up and yes, I do believe in the sprinkles and the pixie dust!

Good things take time… and that is what makes them beautiful. Some moments are priceless and the only thing to do is hold on hard, for like the Waldorf pedagogy, one way or the other.. you will shine through – should you be able to retain the priceless sanity that is in you.

So even if it feels as though the world is falling apart… let it.. And once the pieces are all scattered, walk around and pick up the ones you want and start building again..

Life is absolutely the bestest gift ever!

(Pooja Poddar Marwah is an award winning author and Blogger. She writes on contemporary living and offers incisive reflections on the world around us. Her blog, Random Conversations is a go to guide to deal with the myriad struggles we face each day.)