Home Mussoorie Civil Services do not require academic  proficiency alone, rather, the burning desire to succeed: Dr R Rajesh  Kumar

Civil Services do not require academic  proficiency alone, rather, the burning desire to succeed: Dr R Rajesh  Kumar

6th session of ‘Confluential’ held at St George’s
By Our Staff Reporter
MUSSOORIE, 8 June: The sixth session of Confluential was hosted at St George’s College on the 8th of June, 2024 with the objective of learning from narratives of struggle, success and significant experience. The Guest Speaker for the occasion, Dr R Rajesh Kumar (IAS), Secretary, Department of Medical Health and Medical Education, Department of Irrigation and Minor Irrigation, Government of Uttarakhand, was warmly welcomed by the members of the Student Council and the School Band.
The prayer was led by Shaurya Sharma. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp. Kartik Dang introduced the Guest Speaker for the day, Dr Kumar, who was welcomed with a planter and a memento as a token of appreciation.
Dr Kumar began by saying that one’s personal journey is not an individual endeavour but rather, many journeys converging towards a single vision.  He said that it is faith that allows one to accomplish goals. Where there is faith, there is no doubt. An individual is capable of great things in the absence of doubt and negativity.
According to Dr R Rajesh Kumar, the Civil Services do not require academic proficiency aloneRather, an individual should have the burning desire to succeed. This desire must stand on the foundation of healthy habits. Speaking of good habits, he said that he believed that extra-curricular activities should be called intra-curricular activities as they are the heart and soul of education and build ability, belief and confidence.
Dr R Rajesh Kumar advised the students to remember three things in order to retain being relevant to the world: Skill, Upskill and Re-Skill. Also, we must remain grateful for our five senses for they are the greatest gift we could ever receive. Students were advised to value their mentors and teachers and never hesitate to seek help when required.
The Guest Speaker commended the school on the fact that it was offering quality education and transforming lives and thanked the school management for the opportunity to address a section of the youth of the country.
After the speaker had answered all the questions raised by the House, the event came to an end with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Kripanayudh Choudhury.
The sixth session of Confluential was successfully conducted under the supervision of Brother Ramesh Amalanathan (Principal), Brother Felix Kumar (Vice-Principal), Brother Babu Varghese (Superior), Bhavnesh Negi, Mark Gonsalves, PD Jaiswal, Juliana D’Souza, Stormy Hazarika and Pallavi Goel.