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Climate-Force Antarctica Expedition was enriching experience: Aarushie V Rana



DEHRADUN, 10 Apr: “Every one of us, no matter in which part of the world we reside, is collectively responsible for combating the problem of climate change,” asserted Aarushie V Rana, here, today.
Aarushie V Rana is a national-level shooter and a multiple state champion, who was part of the successful Climate Force Expedition to Antarctica held in March this year.
She was addressing the media at the Jaspal Rana Shooting Range and discussed her expedition experience. At the event, her father-in-law, Narayan Singh Rana (former Sports Minister of Uttarakhand) and her husband, Jaspal Rana, who is an internationally renowned shooter, were also present.
A group of 160 individuals from across 34 countries became a part of this expedition. The troop comprised scientists, sustainability leaders and practitioners who journeyed to the South Pole to witness the effects of climate change in the glacial continent.
“I got a fantastic opportunity to learn from the experts. The ways to combat this crisis on our individual and community levels is the biggest learning I have come back with,” revealed Aarushie.
“The expedition aimed to raise awareness on the urgent need to work on the preservation of Antarctica. A rise in the temperature leading to the melting of glaciers is a grievous concern. If the ice sheets keep melting at this pace, in a short duration it will lead to deadly outcomes. The rise in sea levels worldwide and other calamities like floods are some repercussions we are witnessing due to climate change,” emphasised Aarushie.
“As a child, while traveling by school bus, I saw big landfills. As I grew up, I became extremely sensitive to environmental issues. For the past many years I am working with NGOs towards minimising such environmental problems,” declared Aarushie, who holds a post-graduate degree in environmental science.
“During the 10 day long stay in Antarctica, surviving in the extreme condition was definitely a challenge but my will to become a part of this change is something that kept me going,” she added.
Recently, Aarushie met Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Governor Lt General Gurmit Singh (Retd). Both congratulated her on successfully completing the expedition. Aarushie has been declared ‘Ambassador of Antarctica’ and is all set to work in Uttarakhand to spread awareness regarding the climate change cause.
“I plan to visit various colleges and universities to conduct awareness campaigns for the youth and work towards saving the environment,” revealed Aarushie. “Also, I plan to write a book, sharing my expedition experience and highlighting the concern of depleting glaciers in Antarctica and, even here, in Uttarakhand.” Aarushie plans to promote renewable and sustainable interior design solutions through her interior design firm. Lastly, she urged people to increase the use of renewable and sustainable energy resources rather than depending on conventional sources of energy.