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CM appeals to all to be alert in respect of Corona



DEHRADUN, 28 Mar: Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat today urged his party workers to be vigilant and restrained to prevent the infection of corona virus. In his message, the Chief Minister said that if anyone had any such problem like cough, cold, fever, etc., he or she ought to contact their doctor for this. He said that the country was currently going through the Corona epidemic. The Prime Minister himself had addressed the nation twice a week. The whole world was currently suffering from this epidemic. It had just started in India, but how serious this problem could be in a country like India, could be gauged by looking at what happened in US and Italy.  Even with the best possible health infrastructure in countries like US and Italy, despite all the health facilities, were in poor condition today. The only solution all had to maintain social distance. We had to keep a distance. Mass worship was prohibited in temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches. Only priests, clerics and clergy were permitted to offer prayers there.  The CM also urged the people to maintain social distancing. He said that all ought to follow it themselves and make others aware to follow it. He requested that social distancing was not very difficult to follow. If someone had come from abroad, then one ought to inform the government about it. He added that the people of Health and Police Department were discharging their responsibilities, risking their lives day and night. The state government was concerned about them. He urged the party members to arrange for more than 11000 booths and food stalls. Booth president and all the workers ought to roam around in the locality to see that no poor person was starving or sleeping without food. This was the biggest concern for the party and the government, he claimed. He urged them to work in coordination with the administration.