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CM directs DMs to ensure strict action against illegal mining


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 17 May: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has directed the district magistrates to take strict action against illegal mining in their respective districts. How effective that action will be in curbing illegal mining, which is highly prevalent in the state, remains to be seen.
In compliance with the directions of the CM, some district magistrates have already begun action, though it remains to be seen how seriously this action will continue over a period of time to be effective in curbing the illegal mining.
To begin with, District Magistrate, Dehradun, Dr R Rajesh Kumar has instructed all the SDMs to take strict action by conducting regular raids following reports of illegal mining, storage and illegal transportation in their respective areas. Under these instructions, SDM-Sadar Manish Kumar and Tehsildar, Vikasnagar, SDM-Vikasnagar Saurabh Aswal with the joint team of Revenue Department and related departments conducted raids on Sunday night. Some vehicles were seized during the raids and penalty levied on them. District Magistrate Rajesh Kumar has directed all the SDMs to take prompt action on illegal mining and conduct raids on a regular basis, as well as to conduct checking operations on other routes through which illegal mining material is likely to be transported.
The bigger question is that illegal mining is carried out in the state, including in Dehradun, on a rampant scale and this activity often has the backing of politicians as well as officials. During the special drives against illegal mining, some vehicles are usually seized and some penalties levied but this action hardly results in curbing the illegal mining. The reason is simple, seizure of some vehicles hardly makes any difference to the rampant illegal mining that goes on throughout the state with the support of local politicians and officials and often state level politicians of all political hues and the officials from the local administration, the police department as well as from the local and state level revenue and mining departments are also involved.
Directing the DMs to take strict action against illegal mining in the state is a welcome step by the CM, but how effective it will be in curbing of illegal mining in the long run will have to be seen. Usually, such drives begin with much publicity and fanfare but then fade away after a few days and then the business again goes on as usual. Sources in the business claim that roughly half of the building material like sand and stones as well as the soil that is sold in the market is sourced through illegal mining.