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CM Rawat gives due prominence to women officers: Radhika Jha 

DEHRADUN, 8 Mar: A talk show was held to mark International Women’s day. Secretary to the Chief Minister and Power, Radhika Jha graced the occasion and gave a talk on the topic, ‘Women in leadership roles-Breaking the glass ceiling: Opportunities and Challenges.’
Addressing the gathering Jha said, “It is important to celebrate ourselves. We women over the years have evolved. We might still be talking of female foeticide, girl child struggles but now things have changed. Now the stories have changed, we are not behind anyone so we don’t have to defeat everyone. We don’t have to be in the race as each one of us has a space.”
Appreciating, the Chief Minister TS Rawat and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she states that they are exemplary leaders and have given a lot of prominence to women officers. She further stated, “Everyone must define their own success. There is a need to introspect. Whatever you wish to pursue, you must pursue. Women should work as a team and a positive team.”
She also spoke about the general human tendency how people feel unhappy when you are happy and satisfied but that is irrelevant. She spoke about the importance of introspecting intrinsically.
Educationist Anuradha Pundeer Malla conducted the talk show. She encouraged women to stand up for each other and face the world fearlessly.