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CM TS Rawat welcomes 2nd tranche of Union Govt assistance



DEHRADUN, 14 May: Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat welcomed the initiatives taken today by Union Finance Minister for the benefit of small farmers, the poor, migrant workers, street vendors, etc. He expressed confidence that the beneficiaries’ needs would be met by these measures. He said Uttarakhand would also benefit along with the other states, particularly in helping returning migrants, farmers and workers.
He described the provision of free rations, low rent housing, loans for street vendors, the special campaign on Kisan Credit cards, etc., especially helpful for the weaker sections. The one-nation, one-ration card would provide relief to migrant workers. Even those without ration cards would qualify for five kilos of wheat or rice, and a kilo of pulses per person for the next couple of months.
He also appreciated the credit link subsidy for the middle income group for purchase of housing being extended till 2021, benefiting 2.5 lakh people. The credit for 2.5 crore farmers would be a game-changer, he declared.
The increase in financial assistance to states for purchase of farmers’ products would give a boost to the agriculture sector. Infrastructure too would get a boost in the rural areas. Returning migrants would be registered and provided employment under MNREGA. This would continue into the monsoons. Payment of minimum wages to workers would also be ensured.