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Commandant’s Parade held at IMA


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 7 Jun: The historic Chetwode Drill Square played host to the Commandant’s Parade for Spring Term 2023 at the Indian Military Academy, here, today. The Commandant’s Parade marked the successful culmination of pre-commission training of 332 Indian and 42 Gentleman Cadets from seven friendly foreign countries.

Lt General Vijay Kumar Mishra, Commandant, Indian Military Academy, reviewed the Parade and complimented all the Gentleman Cadets for an immaculate turnout and excellent drill movements, which reflected a high level of motivation, pride and cohesion achieved through the stellar training they had received. He also commended the efforts by all in facing prevailing challenges while successfully undergoing training without any dilution.

During his address to the passing out course, the Commandant said, “Always remember that leadership is not about power or authority; it is about service and responsibility. Your actions and decisions will directly impact the lives of those under your command. Show empathy, inspire trust and foster a sense of camaraderie among your subordinates.” He reminded them, “Your moral courage will be put to test more often than you think. Temptation and misleading opportunities will be found galore along the path as you progress in life, but a true leader with strong character will always show fortitude and persevere on the right path.”

The Commandant emphasised, “The training here at Indian Military Academy has equipped you to enter into harm’s way and carry out physically and mentally demanding tasks with highest possible proficiency. While we have made you proficient in the use of ‘Shashtra’, i.e, the use of weapon and military tactics, we have also given you knowledge and wisdom of ‘Shaastra’. Let your decisions and actions always be for a just and righteous cause. I am confident, when called upon, you will fiercely lead the charge from the front in battles. At the same time, you will be humane and compassionate while dealing with internal situations and in times of disaster.”

He stated further, “Here, we have trained you as per the conditions and tempo likely to be obtained during combat operations. Tomorrow, many of you will join your unit in non-operational areas. You may find it unglamorous, as there would be no battles to fight, no headlines in newspapers and no victories to celebrate. Don’t be misled by this and become complacent. Remember, hostilities may begin at short notice, which will leave you no time to train, prepare or make your equipment battle worthy. Hence, every single day, not only must you ensure your own but also the battle readiness of the troops, weapon and equipment under your charge.”

The Commandant presented the following awards:

The Brigade of the Guards Medal for the Gentlemen Cadet standing best in Service Subjects of the POC was presented to BUO Dapinderdeep Singh Gill. The Rajput Regiment Silver Medal for the Gentlemen Cadet standing best in Academics of the POC was presented to GC Anuj Singh Kushwah. The Jat Regiment Silver Medal for the Gentlemen Cadet standing best in OQ of the POC was presented to SUO Abhimanyu Singh. The Motivation Trophy for the Gentlemen Cadet standing best in Service Subjects of the POC was presented to SUO Nitesh Rawat. The Bangladesh Trophy for the Gentlemen Cadet standing best in all round FGC of the POC was presented to GC Kinga Lhendup (Bhutan).

The Commandant’s Banner was awarded to Cariappa Battalion for standing Overall First in Inter Battalion Championship. The Chief of Army Staff Banner was awarded to Kohima Company for standing Overall Second in the Inter Company Championship.

The General also extended compliments to the 42 Gentleman Cadets from friendly foreign countries for having endured the rigorous regimen of training, exhibiting excellent transformation and being fully ready to don the ranks in their respective armies, as most proficient officers. He addressed them specifically while stating that they would return home with happy memories of their stay at IMA and India. The training that they have received would benefit them in selfless service of their country. The bonds of friendship forged here with fellow Cadets and faculty would further strengthen the bonds of friendship between the nations.

He encouraged the Gentleman Cadets to put their best foot forward for the final Passing out Parade and wished them all the very best in the years ahead. The Commandant also congratulated the parents and dear ones of the Passing Out Course for the achievements of their wards.