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Committee constituted to investigate Madrasa affairs: Ramdas


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 13 Feb: In the past few years, the number of Madrasas operating in Uttarakhand has increased exponentially. While many of the madrasas are registered and are being run by the Madrasa Board, there are a large number of others that operate privately and their activities are not fully known to the state administration. Recently, a survey had been ordered by the government to find out how many madrasas are operating in the state and what they are teaching. The survey has revealed that there are more than a thousand madrasas running in Uttarakhand at present. Questions have been continuously raised in the past few years on what is being taught in the madrasas in the name of religious education.

The survey has further revealed that, at present, just 419 madrasas are being run by the Madrasa Board in Uttarakhand, 103 madrasas belong to the Waqf Board, and over 500 madrasas are private. While measures have been taken to upgrade the education system in the madrasas being run by the Madrasa and the Waqf Boards and to introduce modern education, the same can’t be stated about the madrasas being operated on a private basis.

In this connection, a review meeting was held today at the Vidhan Sabha Building by Minorities Welfare Minister Chandan Ramdas. Following the meeting, Ramdas told media persons that a committee has been constituted in this regard. This committee would conduct an investigation into the madrasas in the state. Those found to be operating illegally or secretively will be closed, while the recognised madrasas will be made high-tech and equipped with computers. They will also have a dress code from classes 1 to 8.

The minister said that these madrasas will operate as model madrasas and ensure that the students are given other education, too, besides the Islamic one. He reminded that he had asked the district magistrates to conduct the investigation in this regard more than a month ago but they were yet to submit the reports. Hence, a decision has been taken to constitute a three member committee to carry out this investigation. This committee has been given a month’s time to complete the investigation and submit its report to him for further necessary action.