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Commuters will have to pay toll tax from 1 Feb on Dehradun-Haridwar Highway


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 21 Jan: Commuters going from Dehradun to Haridwar or coming from Haridwar to Dehradun in their vehicles will now have to pay toll tax at the new Toll Plaza set up near Lachhiwala. The toll tax will be collected from 1 February onwards. The toll plaza is ready.
It may be recalled that several new flyovers have been constructed between Dehradun and Haridwar including an additional one at Lachhiwala, which is now open for traffic. The existing flyover at Lachhiwala has been connected with another flyover which takes the commuters to Haridwar after bypassing Doiwala town. The toll tax will be collected through Fastag which has been made mandatory at all National Highway toll plazas. In addition, another Toll plaza has also been set up in Bahadarabad (Haridwar) for vehicles traversing between Haridwar and Delhi.
In fact, 10 lines have been made for collection of the toll, five of them for going towards Haridwar and five for those coming from Haridwar towards Dehradun. National Highway Authority officials have disclosed that a proposal had been submitted to the higher authorities for permission of issuing monthly passes of Rs 275 each for the local people residing within the distance of 20 kilometres. However, a final decision in this regard is still pending. Toll tax of Rs 70 (for one side travel) has been fixed for cars, jeeps and vans. However, for local vehicles, Rs 35 for one way travel and Rs 105 for 24 hours had been fixed. For those wishing to commute regularly, a monthly toll charge had been fixed at Rs 2295.
For LCV, LMV and Mini Bus, toll tax will be Rs 110 (one way), Rs165 for 24 hours and Rs 3075 for a month. For Truck or buses (double axle), the toll tax will be Rs 235 for one side travel, Rs 350 for 24 hours and Rs 7760 for a month. For Commercial vehicles ( 3 axle), toll tax will be Rs255 (one way) Rs 380 for 24 hours and Rs 8465 for a month. For vehicles with heavy construction machinery, Rs 365 would be chargeable for one way journey, Rs 550 for 24 hours and Rs 12170 for a month. Large size vehicles will have to pay Rs 445 for one side travel. Similar charges would be payable at Bahadarabad toll plaza for vehicles commuting between Delhi and Haridwar.