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Completion of work at Jhulaghar demanded


By Our Staff Reporter
Mussoorie, 28 Jan: Municipal Councilor Geeta Kumai and business persons of Jhulaghar have expressed displeasure at the non-completion of construction work and beautification at the popular site.
According to Geeta Kumai, construction at Jhulaghar has been underway since 2016. But due to the non-completion of the construction work, there is a lot of resentment among the people. There is only one public toilet in the area, which has been closed for a long time, due to which locals and tourists face a lot of problems.
She claimed that she had urged the Municipal Executive Officer, Engineer and the contractor to complete the construction work on toilets immediately, as well as the beautification of Jhulaghar. She threatened to complain to the District Magistrate and Garhwal Commissioner if this is not done. An agitation would also be launched with the support of the local people.
Jhulaghar businessmen Rakesh Panwar and Shripati Kandari say that, in 2016, the then Municipal President, Manmohan Singh Mall, had initiated the beautification of the area but the work had not been completed till date. The shops that are being built are of no use as they are small. They had got only empty assurances from present Municipal President Anuj Gupta. They warned of an agitation in this regard. They said the delay was due to a big scam and demanded a high level investigation.