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Complex plastic surgery restores face of accident victim at Mahant Hospital


Dehradun, 16 Nov: Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital plastic surgeon Dr Bhawna Prabhakar and her team have reconstructed the disfigured face of a young man who suffered severe injuries. The plastic surgeon saved the life of the young man and reconstructed his face. As a result of an accident, the patient had severe injuries on the middle and bottom part of the face. This had resulted in difficulty in breathing. The young man has completely recovered after the accident and been discharged from the hospital.

Mohammad Azam, a resident of Manglaur, Haridwar, was riding a motor-bike when all, of a sudden, it collided with a tractor-trolley. Azam suffered severe injuries on the body and the face. The injuries resulted in fractures in many bones of the face and mouth. The flesh of the face and the mouth was torn-off at many places. The face got badly disfigured. The family members got Azam admitted to Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital on 3 November. On 5 November, Azam was successfully operated on by Dr Bhawna Prabhakar.

The patient underwent ORIF with MMF (Open reduction and Internal fixation of Maxilla and Mandible and Maxillo-madibular Fixation). The operation lasted for six hours in which the broken bones of the face were reconstructed and cosmetic procedures were carried out. After the operation, Mohd Azam has completely recovered and is healthy. He has been discharged from the hospital. His face is also now in its normal form and structure.

“The accident had resulted in extremely deep injuries on the face,” said Dr Prabhakar. “The plastic surgery has succeeded in imparting normal form to the face to a great extent. First of all, we pulled the patient from the cruel jaws of death. After that, we worked on making all the things normal. In the second stage, plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques were used to impart a normal form to the face.”