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Complicated vascular problem treated at Mahant Hospital through advanced hybrid technology



DEHRADUN, 25 Jun: Renal failure patients on dialysis via graft have a risk of graft getting thrombosis and becoming blocked. This results in loss of dialysis access making the patient unable to undergo dialysis and puts life at risk. Graft thrombectomy to remove clotted blood and restore graft latency and function is done in emergency but is often unsuccessful because of obstruction in draining central veins.
Recently, two such patients were treated at Shri Mahant Indresh Hospital by this advanced technique of hybrid vascular intervention. Both of these patients were undergoing dialysis from graft which had stopped working due to blood clots causing significant distress. Patients underwent emergency thrombectomy. Intra operative angiography revealed obstruction of draining central Axillary vein. Dialysis graft would not have worked if obstruction was not treated. Therefore, in a combined operation by senior cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr Arvind Makker and intervention radiologist Dr Prashant Sarda, graft thrombectomy and angioplasty of draining vein was done and graft function restored. Another patient with limb threatening ischemia resulting in gangrene was successfully treated in the same way.
Dr Arvind Makeer disclosed that complicated vascular problems cannot be treated by simple surgical procedures. Often multiple operations are required. With this ultra modern hybrid technique these multiple operations can be done in a single sitting, saving cost and multiple admissions. These kinds of operations require special set up combining an operation theatre and catheterisation laboratory. This technology is only available in few hospitals even in metros. SMI Hospital is at the forefront in adopting patient-centric and beneficial cutting edge technology even in these trying time of Covid-19. The institute is in the process of establishing a dedicated Hybrid-OR for benefit of such patients, first in this region, which will be a boon to the patients of this region.