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“Computer aided drug design will combat side effects of medicine”


Dehradun, 15 Nov: Computer aided drug designing can help combat the side effects of medicines, which will be highly beneficial in preparing medicines while preserving their original structure and composition. Experts from the field of biotechnology came together to discuss the usefulness of application of computer science in the field of drug designing, today, at a workshop organised in Graphic Era University. The workshop is being organised jointly by the Department of Biotechnology and Department, Life Sciences, of Graphic Era University.

Dr R C Joshi, Chancellor, Graphic Era University, while addressing the participants, said that application of computer science was highly useful in the field of medicine from investigation of genomic and proteomic data, sequencing of protein leading to structure and function essentially required for proper medicine in the treatment of diseases.

Dr Om Prakash, Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, Lucknow University, who is the external resource person (ERP) in the workshop, said that the workshop was an opportunity for all the participants to understand the basics of drug designing from amino acids to protein structure, which would be helpful in knowing the concepts of drug designing better.

RK Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Graphic Era Deemed University, congratulated the students for their novel initiative and said that the University had always offered a platform and resources to its students for research and learning, and they should make optimal use of these resources. He added that such events not only provided industrial exposure to students and scholars, but also prepare them for challenges ahead.

Dr VK Tiwari, Director General of Graphic Era University, and in-charge of Technology Business Incubator (TBI), said that such initiatives in the academic institution provide an environment for budding entrepreneurs to create opportunities for others and learn new cutting edge technologies.

The workshop is being organised in collaboration with two industrial partners, both operated by students of Graphic Era Deemed University.  ‘TechMutation’ by Ajay Pandey and Umang Kumar, alumnus, B Tech Biotechnology, and ‘YMRD (Young Mind Researcher and Development)’ by Gopal, BTech, 1st Semester student.

With more than 80 participants from Graphic Era University and also other institutions from the country, the three day workshop will cover various aspects of Drug Designing like Protein Structure Prediction and Validation, molecular docking, molecular dynamics, QSAR Modeling &and Virtual Screening, Lipinski’s rule of 5 and TEST implementation for Toxicity estimation.

Prof (Dr) RC Joshi (Chancellor), Prof (Dr) RK Sharma (Vice Chancellor), Prof (Dr) HN Nagaraja (Pro-Vice Chancellor) and Prof (Dr) VK Tiwari (Director General Graphic Era University and In-charge TBI), along with alumni Anmol Pundir and Sameer Khan, currently directors of Himanil Private Limited, faculty members, research scholars and students were also present at the workshop.

Dr Ashish Thapliyal, Convener (HOD, Department of Life Sciences), Dr Nishant Rai (HOD, Department of Biotechnology), Dr Kumud Pant Organising Secretary (Department of Biotechnology) and Mr. Devret (Research Scholar) organised the event.